If you’re a DC fan of comics, then by now you know that The New 52 are coming to an end, so let’s bring on Rebirth! The New 52 was kicked off thanks to The Flash and the Flashpoint series, and once again, it’s because of The Flash (this time it’s Wally West) we have Rebirth. Rebirth doesn’t appear to be as dramatic of a change as Flashpoint made The New 52, but we have several comics series ending and others beginning. For instance, we now have Superwoman as part of the DC Universe Rebirth. Superman died (yes, again) in a fiery explosion from the inside out, and the explosion blessed none other than Lois Lane with his superpowers.

According to the Editors notes in Superwoman #1, which released just last week on August 10th, Superman died in The Final Days of Superman, and yet there are other Clark Kents in the current Action Comics series. If that’s not confusing enough, how about the fact that Superman #1 in the DC Universe Rebirth is alive and well, married to an un-super Lois Lane, and raising a super-son?

I could research what DC Comics is doing, but that seems like a pricey little rabbit hole of extraneous comics that I don’t want to get into. I still can’t believe I bought this first issue of Superwoman.

Let me explain that last comment. I am not a fan of Lois Lane. At. All. I never read Superman or Action comics, but I never liked her when she showed up in crossovers, never liked her in the 1980s flicks, REALLY don’t like her in the current films, and I definitely didn’t like her in any of the Superman/Justice League/Super Friends cartoons. I bought this comic because the idea of Lois Lane as a Superwoman both baffles me and intrigues me, which I know is how DC Comics nabs in all the suckers.

What’s worse is that by the end of the issue, I subscribed to the series.

I have an explanation. Maybe. Something. Just hear me out if you haven’t bailed already.

Ignoring everything else going on in the Superman universe and focusing solely what is going on here, in this–I can’t believe I’m going to say this–part of the multiverse, this is the current Metropolis situation:

  • Superman went boom.
  • He transferred his powers to those who were nearby.
  • Lois Lane is the new Superwoman.
  • Lex Luthor has also taken it upon himself to be a new Superman after Superman’s death.
  • Lana Lang is training Lois to use her powers, which she apparently did for Clark way back in the Smallville days.

This first issue is a bit of back and forth between when Lana starts training Lois to manage her new powers and when SuperLex presents his SuperShip of protection, the Gestalt. It’s a giant battleship that he will man to protect this new post-Superman world. So people will take him a bit more seriously, he’s donned a mech-suit to make him Superman. It looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

During Lex’s ship presentation, it is attacked by an unknown force, and never fear, Superwoman is here! With Lana Lang to coach her from the ground, SuperLois takes to the sky to save the soldiers on the ship. It’s your typical first issue faire, but it did have this lovely reference back to the first Superman film from 1978:

Superman reference

And then, we learn there’s not one Superwoman, BUT TWO. Yes, Lana Lang was also present when Superman went supernova. Whereas Lois received his traditional talents–super strength, flight, laser eyes, cool breath–Lana is able to “transform all that solar radiation into other kinds of energy…like electricity.” And yeah, she can fly too. She wouldn’t be that super if she couldn’t fly. To set herself apart from Lois, she dons a red and white suit and she can make her face turn a bright, glowy, orangish-red. She is a TV personality, after all, so people would recognize her face. Not everyone can just part their hair to the other side and sport glasses to keep a secret identity.

So what about Lois? Oh, she keeps her face blurry in public. I assume she does it like The Flash. I didn’t focus on too much, because I was so shocked to read about two Superwomen, a SuperLex, oh and one of them dies.

Yes, you read that correctly. Whoever attacked Lex’s ship either killed one Superwoman or she went out like Clark. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next issue to find out which. Well, I’m not really guessing. The final panel clearly states, “Next: WHO KILLED SUPERWOMAN?”

Despite the fact that the story is a bit meh, and I’m frustrated with how witty Phil Jimenez has made Lois Lane–seriously, he’s going to get me to LIKE her, and I can’t have that–they have me hook, line, and sinker. I have to know how Superwoman died, and if she really is dead or if she’s dead like Superman. How many times has there been a death of Superman arc? He’s obviously coming back, somehow, supernova or not, and Superwoman will too.

Since I’m a sucker and subscribed, I’ll be back next month to regale you all with more stories of how DC has sucked me in to another series yet again.

By the way, damn you Phil Jimenez, also, for being such a talented artist. As much as I dislike Lois Lane, I can’t dislike how well you’ve drawn her. And thank you for keeping her and SuperLana fully clothed. The full-bodied suits do more than pay homage to Superman, and I don’t have to spell that one out.


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