First entries in a series that end up having more than one iteration often times prove to be a bit different when you look at its sequels. You can look at many franchises in video games and find that their sequels have gone on to better what the originals established.

Titanfall is preparing to receive its second iteration this coming October, and developers at Respawn Entertainment seem to have learned a great deal from the first game. Titanfall 2 will be featuring a single-player campaign for the first time, and it will be sporting a different looking multiplayer, thanks to the brand-new grapple hook.

Looking at the technical side of multiplayer though, Titanfall 2 is going to feature a revamped and improved matchmaking system. Mike Kalas, who is an engineer on Titanfall 2, described what gamers will experience when it comes to matchmaking in its second iteration.

“So in Titanfall 2, you’ll see that matchmaking is a lot quicker. The skill makeup of the matches will be a lot closer and part of that is after every match, we’re kind of re-evaluating everyone’s skill globally. We can look at other matches, your match and can kind of move players around [to] just make a lot better matches,” Kalas said in a new video.

Some gamers may have been a bit frustrated with the matchmaking system in Titanfall 1, but again, that’s part of the role of a debut installment. Figure out what works and what needs improvement. Kalas went into further detail about how they are going to and have been testing the matchmaking system.

“We basically had a giant spreadsheet and we fed that into a Titanfall 2 simulator that is simulating how we do matchmaking in Titanfall 2, and we just saw tighter and better matches being made. The whole idea for us going to tech test is to basically prove that our simulator is doing what it actually should,” Kalas said.

The tech test or beta will be coming in the weeks ahead, though EA has not given a timetable as to when that will officially happen. Gamers can sign up to stay informed about new information over on Titanfall 2‘s website and for insight into how the new multiplayer plays, check out our new impressions from today. The new game will be released this coming Oct. 28 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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