Online sentiment is an interesting phenomena in the sense that in one instance it can be geared towards one direction, while in another instance, it can be the complete opposite. Trends come and go in gaming and one that passed a few years ago was the prevailing thought that shooters didn’t need a single-player campaign.

Rewind around two and a half or three years ago and the sentiment for many talking heads in the industry, and the loud minority, were saying that people pick up shooters for the multiplayer experience, not the campaign. As a result, that was why games like Titanfall had campaigns missing from them and as EA and Respawn Entertainment learned, more gamers wanted a campaign than didn’t want one.

Ultimately, many believed Titanfall was a bit thin from a longevity standpoint (though I played it for over 60 hours), and they thought that a single-player campaign would have helped lengthen out the experience. Mackey McCandlish, who is the single-player lead designer on Titanfall 2, talked about the reaction people had to Titanfall and the fact that there wasn’t a campaign.

“Well, I think we were excited that people felt like they wanted to learn more about our universe and our lore. There was a desire there for a campaign, or a real story. That was good. I’ve never had any doubts that the consumer wants a single-player game.

Coming in hot (Courtesy of EA).
Coming in hot (Courtesy of EA).

“The people who say ‘we don’t need single-player’ are loud people online that play a lot of multiplayer. Those people may not need single-player, but the quieter, wants to play by himself person, the one who’s not so loud and not being heard, they still want a single-player game,” McCandlish told VB.

The experience eventually did wear a bit stale, but to Respawn’s credit they did a fine job of adding many features and updates to the game post-launch, which did help create a bit more substance to the original Titanfall. The campaign that is coming to Titanfall 2 will be focusing on the relationship between the pilot and the titan, so don’t expect to be calling in a titan every 2 minutes like you could in the original game’s multiplayer.

If there’s one thing that is true about Titanfall 2 right now though, it’s that certain gamers won’t be able to whine about a lack of a checkmark, feature, or mode in it because the game is bringing out a full blown campaign. I’m thoroughly excited to see how it plays out and what the narrative is like.

As many will remember, the first Titanfall didn’t launch on the PlayStation at all, and so this year’s title will be the first time the shooter lands onto PS4. Titanfallwill launch on Oct. 28 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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