What turned out to be one of the most refreshing games in 2014, Titanfall brought gamers some of the most unique elements and memorable moments. Titanfall 2 is out to shake up the shooter genre once again and deliver an even more addictive experience than what we saw two years ago.

Titanfall 2’s biggest and immediate change is how players will be able to grapple around levels, swinging themselves from one point to another. When I had the chance to play the game on PS4, I immediately noticed how the grapple will help evolve the wall-running ability, something that was introduced in the first game.

Being able to wall-run has added a ton of dynamic gameplay to the shooter and grappling in Titanfall 2 helps continue that fluid wave of movement. If used correctly, you can wall-run, double-jump and grapple your way through a massive part of a map.

Movement feels very rewarding and blends perfectly with the gameplay elements of having titans, grunts, spectres and pilots all in the game at once. Its beautiful chaos and mayhem, and I’m looking forward to seeing how grappling will provide gamers with more opportunities for creative gameplay.

The carbine rifle is back once again, as that was the weapon I primarily used during combat, but the game also has another automatic and a sniper rifle as well. It’s unknown what the role the polarizing smart pistol will have in Titanfall 2, but Respawn seems to have some sort of plan for it.

The mode I was shown is called Bounty Hunt in which there are several points around a map that have certain objectives for each team to try and complete. Things like grunts and spectres, targeted titans, and turrets are located for players to destroy throughout the match.

For titans, once one has been destroyed, the teams must try and collect the bounty in order to score points for their team. The titan bounty is located on top of the titan, and can be grabbed by rodeoing it.

These are crucial bounties you will need to collect as they can award a team 500 points, an amount that can drastically shift the score in a multiplayer match, and you don’t even have to be the team that destroyed the titan to claim it. It’s an interesting mode and I had a good time with it, though it may not be a mode I’ll continuously go back to.

In this end, this is something Titanfall 2 has to face and overcome, keeping players engaged after the first few months of launch. The first game struggled with that and this second game looks to have elements that could prevent history from repeating itself.

From the sessions of Titanfall 2 I had, it’s clear that the fast and fluid gameplay gamers found in the first iteration has returned, but this time, with the boost of a campaign, more refined multiplayer mechanics and still featuring awesome, freakin’ titans. Titanfall 2 will launch on Oct. 28 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Images courtesy of EA.

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