Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week then you know the highly anticipated PS4 game No Man’s Sky has debuted. While the game is still slated to debut on PC any day now, there is still uncertainty as to what the future for No Man’s Sky will hold and where it will go.

For the better part of two years now, No Man’s Sky had been shopped around as a  marquee PS4 title and it still feels like that through today. However, just now things may be starting to arise about who has control over the future of No Man’s Sky and what that means for where gamers can play it.

The game will undoubtedly receive updates in the coming days, but those decisions and potentially others seem to be in the hands of its developer. Hello Games’ Sean Murray replied to a question about a sequel to their recently released game No Man’s Sky and said what happens next is more up to Hello Games than it is Sony.

“Well, I think, the reality is, Sony has been amazingly supportive, but actually, once the game is out, this is not necessarily Sony’s game per se. We as an indie studio are incredibly grateful for the support, but actually once the game is out, the conversation is between the studio, the developer and the community, not necessarily the publisher or whoever. It is about the developer who can make changes, and the community who really understands the game now being a real thing and also want certain changes,” Murray told Gamereactor.

From all accounts, Sony has been a terrific partner to Hello Games and has played a major role in enabling them to realize their ultimate vision of No Man’s Sky. Sony deserves a lot of credit for helping get the game to where it is today, but the future is interesting now.

Odds are Sean Murray was merely referring to how the game will literally change and improve in the coming days, but all of you Xbox fans out there are probably thinking the same thing that a skeptical person might think. No Man’s Sky is available on PS4 now and will be out on PC very soon.

A screenshot of a planet from No Man's Sky (Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment ).
A screenshot of a planet from No Man’s Sky (Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment ).

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