Microsoft has cannonballed into the deep end with its efforts to more closely unify Xbox One and Windows 10. It has been an interesting thing to see how the firm has accomplished its goals, but they are remaining committed to what they set out to do.

Cross-play between Xbox One gamers and PC players is a massive benefit for those who wish to take on a bigger pool of gamers. It’s a chance for friends who are on separate platforms to join up online, something that is still a new opportunity for many.

Microsoft has gone to great lengths to bring together Xbox One and PC players, and it could end up working out in their favor in a big way. Ralph Fulton, who is a developer on Forza Horizon 3, recently talked about cross-play and the steps Microsoft has taken to enable it for PC and Xbox One gamers.

“Cross-play is a unique benefit that is not part of Xbox Play Anywhere; it can be applied to any game and is the ability for gamers to play together in the same game across devices – enabled by Xbox Live. Microsoft made some really smart decisions that made development of these features much easier than you might expect. It was certainly smoother than we expected – Xbox Play Anywhere, including cloud saves and shared progress, Friends Lists and achievements, and cross-platform play all just worked for us, which was a huge bonus during development.

Chilling on the beach in Forza Horizon 3 (Courtesy of Microsoft).

“Obviously, we’re now catering for PC players too, which means a larger range of peripherals to support. For example, our Paint Editor has only ever had to work with controllers previously, so there was work in making it usable with mouse and keyboard too. In addition, PC players love to have options to change everything about their in-game visuals, which we’ve been able to support as well,” Fulton told Redbull.

Forza Horizon 3 is featuring a stunning setting in the form of Australia, and is delivering an immersive, alive world like you’ve never seen before. The studio spent an entire summer out in Australia capturing the sky and have since then projected it into the game in an incredible way.

When I saw the game at E3 2016, I was floored at how authentic and fluid the sky looked with the rest of the game world. You might think that putting something from real-life into a game would come across as cheesy or awkward, but Playground did a fantastic job of implementing it seamlessly.

Pairing Xbox One and Windows 10 has been a very interesting strategy for Microsoft, and it’ll be interesting to see how their 2017 console, Project Scorpio, further enhances or embellishes that plan. Forza Horizon 3 will launch this coming Sept. 27 on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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