The gaming industry always has unexpected, surprising games show up each year, and they tend to change how people think a game can be made. Without a shadow of a doubt, Pokemon Go is one of those games this year, with its massive success and mass appeal.

The game has apparently turned in over $200 million in global revenue during its first month of being available on the market. It apparently has smashed the one month sales total of Clash Royale, and in fact, Pokemon Go has doubled what Royale earned after its first month.

So much now seems possible with Pokemon Go achieving the type of success it has achieved, and many see great value in it, beyond just mobile games. Former Starbreeze developer Hess Barber discussed the value of Pokemon Go and the ability it has to showcase the mass appeal of virtual tech.

“As we’ve seen with Pokemon Go, the mass market appeal of virtual technologies can be rather surprising. I think VR and AR will get much bigger over the next five years as the tech improves to make them more accessible. Especially when we reach the point you don’t need to be tethered to a PC or console, that’s when the clear breakaway will happen,” Barber told GI.

It always feels like there’s someone out there who believes consoles or even PCs will go by the wayside and be replaced by something different, though no one can really paint what that picture looks like exactly. It’s hard to believe that will happen anytime soon, the console market dissolving for good.

The amount of personal stories and tales we’ve heard told about Pokemon Go has been incredible. That, in a way, is part of what makes this game so endearing. Pokemon Go is unquestionably a huge step forward for mobile games, and hopefully will have unlocked a new type of genre for gamers, and non-gamers becoming gamers to all enjoy.

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