DLC or add-on content is a feature that’s associated with pretty much every AAA game that’s released, and some indies take part in the practice as well. While it’s a very common thing, some developers are trying to resist the temptation of DLC and provide new content for gamers without charging them extra for it.

Hello Games has finally released their long-awaited project No Man’s Sky, and from early indications of things, the game is pleasing many, many gamers. It’s out now for PS4 and you might be wondering what the plan for the game’s future will look like.

DLC is the first term that comes to mind when thinking about what is next for No Man’s Sky, and Hello Games has already thought about what they want to do with that. Sean Murray was asked what they will do with paid DLC in No Man’s Sky, and from what he said, gamers won’t have to reach back into their pockets for new No Man’s Sky content anytime soon.

“We do want to add a ton of features, like we’ve just discussed: Freighters, bases, these type of things. But we want to do it for free. You’ve paid for the game, so you should get this stuff without paying even more money. So no, there will be no paid DLC, just patches,” Murray told Redbull.

Space in No Man's Sky (Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment).
Space in No Man’s Sky (Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment).

It’s a rare thing to see these days: a massive game with a ton of players and then a studio planning on not putting out any post-launch paid DLC. Time and business will tell regarding whether or not Hello Games decides to put out paid DLC for No Man’s Sky, but for now, $60 has bought you everything in No Man’s Sky.

When you play No Man’s Sky, it sounds like you may want to try and avoid tunnel vision at all costs because that may end up getting you stuck on a single planet, when you have millions of worlds to explore. Murray talked about a moment of levity in regards to things a few playtesters did when playing the game.

“It’s so funny, so many of our playtesters got stuck on the first planets and became obsessed with fighting the sentinels. And I’m like, ‘We’ve built this whole universe for you with an almost endless variety of planets. Why stay here? Why don’t you go to space, meet new factions, learn their language, maybe even build trade alliances?'” Murray said.

No Man’s Sky has finally arrived to the world today and you can pick up a copy on PS4. The game will indeed be coming to PC in the days ahead, but isn’t available right this moment.

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