Virtual Reality will be receiving its next jolt of life when Sony releases PlayStation VR this October, and when the platform arrives, there will be plenty of games to support the system. Ubisoft is among the publishers who will be bringing the games when PlayStation VR launches, but they are holding off with their biggest guns for now.

As things stand now, Ubisoft is planning on releasing Eagle FlightWerewolves Within, and Star Trek Bridge Crew. Much like it is Ubisoft’s style, all of the aforementioned games are going to be multiplayer releases.

What’s interesting is Ubisoft has decided to hold back its biggest brands from VR for now, but that has been done with a purpose in mind. Alain Corre, who is the head of EMEA for Ubisoft, talked about why the company has elected to initially hold off on bringing major brands such as Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs to VR.

“It’s less risky but it’s also, at the moment, less rewarding if the game is super successful because there’s a limitation in the installed base. But all in all we feel it’s important for us to learn and to try to understand what we can do in terms of creation.

“What are the limits of [VR] and what will the fans enjoy and want and prefer? So we have to invest, not massive amounts of money yet, but on certain franchises and to build new franchises and new gameplay so that we’re ready when this market will explode and we believe it will explode at some point,” Corre told GI.

Companies like Warner Bros. and Sony are putting their brands where virtual reality is, as Batman Arkham VR and Driveclub VR, respectively, are coming to VR this October. It’s a rather smart move for Ubisoft to hold off on bringing its best brands to VR, at least until VR proves itself to be a long-term player for AAA names.

That way there is less risk involved, as Corre mentioned, and Ubisoft is still supporting the platforms with quality content of their own. Should PlayStation VR and other VR platforms out there prove to be big sellers, then it’s highly possible that we could see an Assassin’s Creed VR game land on the platform in the future. PlayStation VR will hit store shelves this coming Oct. 13. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Ubisoft.

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