Open-world games are shining brightly in the industry today, and Ubisoft is without a doubt one of the biggest advocates for open-worlds. Ghost Recon Wildlands will debut this coming March and it will bring with it plenty of transportation options for players to choose from.

From the trailers and gameplay that Ubisoft has shown off so far, vehicles like trucks, bikes, and other cars have been showcased. There are also a variety of aircrafts players will be able to jet around with, and those range from helicopters to airplanes.

Games like Watch Dogs bring with them a massive amount of drivable vehicles for gamers to decide from, but it seems as though Ghost Recon Wildlands will be surpassing even a game such as that. Dominic Butler, who is the lead game designer on Wildlands, talked about the amount of vehicle types that will be in the upcoming open-world.

A Ghost running through the Wildlands is unusual Recon (Courtesy of Ubisoft).
A Ghost running through the Wildlands is unusual Recon (Courtesy of Ubisoft).

“We’re not going into too much detail right now, but we’ve got I think 60 different vehicle types. We have a range of civilian vehicles, army vehicles. We’ve got boats, bikes, buggies, planes, helicopters, trucks, armored trucks, military vehicles, tractors, farming vehicles, and mining vehicles. It’s all things you’d expect to find in a world like this…and the cool thing is you get to play with all of [them]. There are no restrictions, you play the way you want,” Butler said in a new post.

Not only will there be a wide variety of vehicles for players to choose from, but gamers won’t be restricted when they try to steal a vehicle from a heavily guarded area. From the small amount of gameplay I’ve gotten the chance to go hands-on with, I can certainly say that there is a whole lot of fun to be had with vehicles, particularly when you’re driving around with teammates.

In a not so smooth transition to the game’s mission structure, some open-world games have a knack for tossing mission fails at players far too often. Butler assured gamers that mission fails won’t be too frequent, and in fact, it sounds like they won’t come up too often at all.

“In some cases, we are going to have to do a mission fail when that particular [target] has intel, but across most of the missions the idea is [for us] to try to build them so there is no way to fail. There’s no wrong way to play Ghost Recon Wildlands,” Butler said.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is speeding towards a March 7, 2017 release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but be sure to stay tuned for more news about it in the meantime. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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