Video games have become one of the biggest industries in the world, with so many different divisions of gaming having grown over the past decade. Console gaming is a part of the larger industry, but it’s not the biggest driving factor for video games today.

Today, there are so many different areas in gaming that have sprung up as a result of the industry’s growing popularity, and those include the massively popular eSports sector and mobile gaming. Former Xbox Head Robbie Bach talked about how massive the gaming industry is today and the different areas that have blossomed as a result of the industry’s success.

“The interesting thing to me about the gaming landscape in general, even beyond consoles, is it’s never been a bigger or better business. It’s now a rich, rich form of entertainment. You have eSports, you have TV shows, you have mobile games, PC games, Xbox games, and online universes…That’s the first thing to me, it’s really exciting,” Bach told IGN.

Gaming has a true knack for discovering new frontiers and unlocking new possibilities, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of people who tune into TBS to watch Counterstrike each week.

PS4 and Xbox One have experienced unprecedented success and popularity so far this generation, and both Sony and Microsoft look to capitalize on their successes with new iterations of the PS4 and Xbox One this year and next. Xbox One S was released today for gamers looking for a new system to pick up.

Bach discussed the world of console gaming, and said that even though that space is one of the smaller areas of video games from a proportional standpoint, it’s still thriving like so many other areas.

“The second thing is people think consoles are a smaller part of the business, and mathematically as a percentage that’s true, but the console market has never been bigger. PlayStation 4 and Xbox [One] have sold more units to date than any previous generation of consoles at this stage in the life-cycle.

“So you look at that and say, a smaller part of the larger ecosystem is a big, growing business, that’s really cool. To me it just tells you that this industry is driven by creativity and in the creative space, you just don’t know what is going to happen next. The things that do come from the creative side of the house are what drive the industry,” Bach said.

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