Most people would say that branding is a very important aspect of a successful product, and within that is the name that captures it all. As it turns out though, some gaming minds believe the name of a console isn’t that crucial to its overall success.

The Nintendo Wii was released back in 2006 and it has turned out to be one of the best selling gaming consoles in the history of video games. Nintendo’s system was brilliant and garnered a gargantuan audience, even despite its unusual name, the Wii.

Xbox has been around for well over a decade and the name for its second console wasn’t exactly what people were expecting either, but it proved to be successful in the end. Original Chief Xbox Officer Robbie Bach spoke about how important, or unimportant, the naming of the second Xbox actually was in the long run.

“We had a naming agency for both the original Xbox and for 360, and in the original’s case, they didn’t come back with any better than what we were using…For 360, it was the best of the names and it felt right. The truth is on the naming stuff, it doesn’t matter that much. I mean, if you can name something the Wii and sell it in the United States and in Europe and be very successful with it, how important can the name actually be, right?

“When that name came out, they made all of the appropriate jokes…It’s a very successful product, so in the end we probably spent too much time on naming. By the way, if you can go back to Xbox One, all rules are broken, right?” Bach told IGN.

Nintendo wasn’t phased by the jokes at all, as they ended up doubling down with that name in the form of the Wii U. Unfortunately, the same type of success wasn’t duplicated with Wii U, and soon enough gamers will know what exactly Nintendo’s next gaming console is when they finally unveil it.

The NX is scheduled to launch during March 2017, though we have yet to hear official details regarding the type of console it will be or what it will be named. Many people are expecting Nintendo to pull the veil back on the NX in the coming months, but we’ll be sure to monitor the latest developments as they come up.

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