Over the last few years, Microsoft has continuously created some of the most exciting, new AAA brands in the gaming industry. They aren’t letting up in their pursuit of interesting IPs, which their current portfolio of upcoming games suggests.

ReCore is one of the next major games to come from the Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive camp and it will be here in less than two months. Keiji Inafune is producing the game, and the studios Comcept and Armature Studio are teaming up for its development.

While the platforming aspect of ReCore is perhaps the most immediately striking element of its gameplay, narrative will also be a major focus. Microsoft Studios Global Publishing’s Joseph Staten talked about the game’s story and what people should expect from it.

“One of the things I’m most excited about this week is letting people learn more about the characters and the story. It absolutely has story that’s supported by great cutscenes and a lot of fun mysteries. Characters that have personality. You can tell me when you play the game, but Jewel is definitely a fully fleshed out character that has real problems and real adventures with her friends in this world.

“The story, for us, was one of the most important things to go after. And it was one of the things that grew organically as the project became bigger and had more scope. People saw it and decided to invest more in it. The story was an element where we decided to do more. [Main hero] Jewel is a cool character and she has a unique story to tell. Let’s invest in it,” Staten told VB.

A little over a month ago, I had the chance to experience ReCore firsthand and the platforming feels great with challenging puzzles to figure out and satisfying gameplay. It’ll be interesting to see how the story is woven into the gameplay, as both Joule Adams and Mack feel like very lovable, lively characters.

Microsoft will be bringing a number of Xbox One exclusives to retailers over the next few months, with ReCore kicking things off. ReCore will be released exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10 on Sept. 13.

Images Courtesy of Microsoft

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